Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO)

Gov to English translation: A contract to help adapt commercial technology to government needs and requirements

What is a CSO: Frequently there is a piece of tech in the commercial world that meets 95% of the governments requirements, but needs a little something more. For example:
1) The DoD might need the tech ruggedized so that it can be fielded with Marines
2) The intelligence community might need additional security features added before it can be used in a classified environment
3) The FBI might need something to be smaller for use in under cover work

What ever the reason, a CSO funds the additional R&D needed to evolve commercial technology and products to meet government needs

How much can you get: Every CSO is different but you can get a few mil for product enhancement

Why you want to go after CSOs:
1) The government will pay you to evolve your product to meet their needs
2) In the process of evolving your product you’ll get to know the end users and customers

The application: Because CSOs target commercial companies the applications tend to be highly technically rigorous, but do not have as much government compliance BS

What happens post CSO: Just because the government funds your product development is no guarantee that they will buy the results, but it is a great start.

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