Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

Gov to English translation: Funding for early stage R&D

What is a BAA: The government is one of the only organizations with the patience and risk appetite to fund technological development that wont payoff for decades. The government uses BAAs to award much of this funding

How much can you get: Every BAA is different but you can get a few hundred thousand to a few mil depending on the importance of the technology and the anticipated cost to do the R&D

Why you want to go after BAAs:
1) The government will pay you to bring technology out of the lab or from a sketch on a napkin to a proof-of-concept
2) That R&D can form the foundation for a commercial product
3) Typically you keep the IP created
4) If things go well you can get follow on funding to further mature the tech

The application: Because BAAs target commercial companies the applications tend to be highly technically rigorous, but do not have as much government compliance BS

What happens post BAA: Just because the government funds your product development is no guarantee that they will buy the results, but it is a great start.

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