Your Business Concept

Why take this class

  • It’s fast: Building and testing a data driven business model only takes a couple hours
  • The components of a business model: At the end you will have a strong, data-driven hypotheses for:
    • What to sell
    • Why customers will choose you over the competition
    • The size of your federal market and whether it is big enough to support your business

Even if you don’t like our class please plan

  • Don’t waste time: It breaks my heart when people invest hundreds of hours and squander their savings trying to build businesses that are never going to work.
  • Find something that works for you: Even if you don’t like our approach please do you homework
  • There are other good FREE resources out there: There are lots of FREE federal market coaches. To find the ones closest to you see the PTAC, OSDBU and DSBS links below

What you’ll be doing

  • Brainstorming: Initially your business will be little more than you and your ability to deliver a product or service. So you will need to think about what you’ve done.
    • Workbook: To help you brainstorm we have a workbook with guided exercises
  • Some light data analysis: We have automated 95% of the data work but you will have to put in your keywords and a couple codes (we will help you find them) to guide the data collection
  • Getting feedback: We highly encourage you to get feedback on what you come up with during these exercises

Download the Workbook: