Your Business Project Plan

The importance of planning

  1. Makes sure you don’t miss steps: As we’ve said, starting a successful govcon company is a process and the good side of that is that there is a knowable list of things to do. The bad part is that if you miss a step you are in trouble
  2. Tells you if you are making progress: Starting a business is lonely and you don’t get much feedback. But a plan lets you see that you are making progress
  3. Saves you time: There is an order in the work you need to do, and a plan makes sure you do each thing in the right order

Building your plan

  1. Built in: Most pieces of the plan have been built into FedScouts pipelines
  2. Easy progress tracking: As you make progress on your plan just move the work from the left to the right of your screen
  3. You will have to provide the details: FedScout has the basic steps and work pre-loaded, but you will have to provide the specifics on each element
  4. The following classes: The following classes will give you the information you need to fill in your workplan

Video Transcripts

Thomas Edison said that Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration and we think that that applies to starting a business too.  In the last course you identified your Initial Primary Offering and a theory for why customers and partners should work with you, so that was the 1% inspiration. and in this course you’ll build a work plan that turns your inspiration into a business.  And to help you we’ve created a work planning and management tool specifically for new government contractors. It has all of the activities you need to do pre-loaded and you just need to add details specific to your company like: 

  • Which customers and partners you want to work with
  • The industry events and associations you’re interested in
  • A pipeline of sales opportunities that are a fit for you
  • And other things like that.

Like in the last section FedScout has tools to help you quickly get to the right answers, and once your plan is complete the work planner will:

  • Organize and prioritize the work you need to do
  • Break complex activities into manageable steps
  • And provide guidance and education to help you complete each step.

We’ve found that it takes about two hours to create your bespoke work plan, and when you’re done you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.