Understand the Vendor Ecosystem

Who else might be interested in this Solicitation

  1. This is very similar to finding the current contract using a basket of criteria. but basically we are going to search USAspending to find other companies that are doing similar work
  2. So look at the current contract and search using:
    1. The NAICS code
    1. The PSC code
    2. The Agency
    3. The Sub-agency name
    4. I recommend using the last three fiscal years
    5. The set-aside
    6. Place of performance (if location matters for this contract)
    7. Contract type: Contracts and Purchase Orders
  3. Once you have those filters set search and download the data (we recommend downloading award level data rather than transaction level data)
  4. Then organize the data to see who is active in this space (see video below for how to do this)

What to do with the market data

  1. Find partners: From your research on the solicitation process you should understand:
    1. How many past performance are needed
    2. What other requirements there are to be a prime on the solicitation
    3. Review the companies and see if any of them look like promising teammates (either for you to sub to, or for them to sub to you)
  2. Assess the competitive landscape: If this is a consolidated market with a couple “big fish” in the pond then you may want to think hard about pursuing this solicitation, while if there are a lot of smaller vendors with no clear winner your chances typically will be better

Doing all this with FedScout

  1. FedScout identifies that vendor ecosystem around each solicitation so that you can rapidly find partners and get a sense for the competition

Other resources

SAM.gov (Individual contract checks)

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