Qualify the opportunity (go/no-go decision)

  • Goal: The goal here is to:
    • Have a structured approach to deciding whether to pursue each opportunity
    • Save your time and energy for the opportunities that really matter
    • Get rid of “zombie pursuits” that will distract you
  • This is an iterative process: Typically a small business is looking at 5-10 opportunities at any given moment so you don’t have the time to do a ton of research on each and go through a rigorous go/no-go analysis initially. Instead you should do a rough go/no-go, and do another go/no-go:
    • As you learn more about each opportunity:
    • Before you commit more resources to a pursuit

Typical times you qualify an opportunity

  1. When you first find the opportunity
  2. Before you decide to actively shape/pursue this opportunity:
  3. Before you decide to write a response to the RFP:

How FedScout helps

  1. When you add opportunities to your pipeline we add wizards and questionnaires d to help guide you through each phase of qualification
  2. On paid tiers FedScout auto estimates many of the go/no-go analyses and automates the research process so that you can rapidly and accurately make sophisticated go/no-go decisions