Researching the current contract

When will the re-compete RFP come out:

  1. Look at the contract start date in USAspending and subtract the original RFP published date from SAM to get an idea for the number of months between the current contract’s RFP being published and contract start.
  2. Then look at the period of performance potential end date in USAspending and back off the number of months you just assessed

Will there be an RFI/Sources sought

  1. Use the Notice ID in SAM to see if the Current Contract had a Sources Sought or RFI
  2. If there was then there is a good chance the re-compete will have a Sources Sought/RFI

Within the abstract or documents associated with the solicitation on SAM you can find:

  1. The evaluation criteria
  2. Any required certifications or qualifications (and whether they are required for everyone on a bid team or just the prime)
  3. What amount and type of past performance is required (and whether the prime has to provide all of them or if subs can contribute)
  4. The proposal format and content

Other resources (Individual contract checks)

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FOIA request template

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