Business Planning

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We will create a new business work plan so that you know exactly how much progress you’ve made, and whether you’re on the right track – partially for your own confidence, and partially for your significant other’s peace of mind.

Building a business plan can sound scary, and I’m always amazed by how many people don’t do it, or make a business plan that’s really just a list of assumptions and things that they want to believe are true.

But here’s the good news: all the data we need to build a business plan is publicly available and has been pre-analyzed by FedScout, and for about eight hours of work spaced out over a couple weeks, you can have a rigorous, data-validated business plan that will validate:

  • what you should sell;
  • who your customers are;
  • whether the market is big enough to support your business; and
  • whether you have a chance of winning enough of those contracts to support your business.

And a couple of notes:  

  • First, all the classes and tools in the business planning classes are free.
  • We will teach how to conduct all the analyses using government websites and the FedScout tool.
  • The more time you have before you start your business, the better.  If you’re a year away from retiring from the military, now is a great time to do these exercises and build a roadmap of things you can do over the next twelve months that will set you up for success when you do start your business.
  • If you’ve already started your business but aren’t quite sure whether you’re focusing on the right customers or selling the right products and services, these classes can help you identify where you are most likely to succeed.

Honestly, I’m not a big planner. I prefer to get out there and do stuff, and learn by failing. So I won’t say that I hope you’re excited about analysis and planning – but I do hope you understand how easy it is, and how much it can help you.

In the next class we’ll take a quick tour of the business model template that we use.