Wrapping up your plan


  1. You are set-up for success: As we said in the beginning, only 20% of companies ever win a prime contract. By building this plan you have dramatically increased your chances of being part of that 20%.
  2. You’ve got a plan: At this point you should have a list of tasks that you need to work on, and while it may seem like a lot here’s some good news:
    1. Transparency: You now know everything you need to do, nothing is hidden, and there’s nothing you’ve forgotten about
    2. Progress: You can see exactly how you are progressing
    3. Coordination: Everyone on your team (including coaches you invite to your team) can see what needs to be done so your can chip away at the tasks
  3. Completing each task: This course is all about creating a work plan, so we gave just enough information on each topic to build that plan. We have deeper classes on each topic to help you “do the work.”
  4. Keep up your momentum: FedScout tries to break tasks into small activities that you can knock out quickly so you don’t lose momentum
  5. Prioritized: In the FedScout task dashboard we prioritize your tasks to help you focus on the most important work

Example: Looking at the project plan

Rants and Reflections

My unscripted thoughts after coaching hundreds of small government contractors over the last 10 years

Video Transcript(s):

At this point you should have a full new business project plan and if you complete everything you’ll give yourself the best chances possible of being in that 20% of companies that are successful.

We also recommend scheduling time with your PTAC, SBDC and some experienced entrepreneurs to review it, and as we said in the last phase, showing people that you care, are making progress, and asking for their advice is a great way to strengthen your relationship with them.

If you're new to the federal market there’s a lot to learn, so we recommend taking our classes on federal market’s basics. They’re quick, free, and will help you understand all the key concepts.

Finally, if you

  • Build a complete work plan
  • Get it reviewed by either a PTAC or SBDC counselor
  • And fill in a feedback form
  • Well give you three free months of our growth plan and do our best to get you warm introductions to three small business partners

We hope you got a lot out of these exercises, I hope to see you at future federal market events, and welcome to the community.