Registrations, Certifications, and set-asides

Systems you need to register in:

  1. Create a personal account to access other federal systems
  2. Register your company to do business with the Federal Government
  3. If you plan to pursue SBIR/STTRs register here
  4. Agency SBIR portals: Each SBIR/STTR awarding agency has its own portal that you will need to register in

Applying for set-asides:

  1. Applying for set-asides tends to be long and cumbersome so we recommend starting early
  2. For our class on set-asides and registering for them click on the class link

Other corporate certifications

  1. Personal certs: As we discussed in the credibility section the government loves asking for degrees and certificates so if there are common and respected certificates in your industry consider pursuing them
  2. Corporate certs: The government also loves asking for corporate certifications:
    1. Federal compliance: Certification that your business processes meet federal standards (e.g. federal pricing or accounting standards).
    2. Industry validation: The government likes to use industry certifications to validate technical competence (e.g. ISO 9001, CMMC, etc)

Tracking registrations & certs

  • Track: Add the certs and set-asides you want to pursue in the FedScout Business Pipeline
  • Registrations: The basic registrations are pre-loaded in the Business Pipeline
  • Assistance applying: We have courses on each of the major registrations and set-aside applications

Rants and Reflections

My unscripted thoughts after coaching hundreds of small government contractors over the last 10 years

Other resources (Individual contract checks)

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Video Transcript(s):

Your business work plan has tasks pre-loaded for the common registrations, like SAM and you can add tasks for set-asides and other certifications you want to pursue.

And as you're reading the opportunities in your pipeline look for required certifications and add them to your tasks list.