About FedScout

Ten years ago, we started a government contracting incubator to help new companies succeed in the federal market. Now, FedScout becomes a decision support platform that provides content and data-based information to help individuals or companies search for and analyze government contracts and manage contract capture and pursuit.

About FedScout Academy

After coaching Government contractors for 10 years, FedScout found that aspiring government entrepreneurs didn’t understand how the federal market worked, or what they needed to succeed. 

Built by experienced entrepreneurs for new vendors, FedScout Academy takes students through a process that systematically leads companies to federal market success. 

Different from the existing educational tools in the market, this new platform:

  • Takes a process-centric approach;
  • Integrates educational content with data analytics and business planning tools;
  • Walks new vendors through the whole lifecycle of federal market business planning.

FedScout Academy aims to integrate data with decision templates to help people rapidly and accurately make sophisticated market decisions and execute federal market contracts and sales.

About Our Founder

Geoff Orazem, the founder of FedScout, started life as a Marine Infantry Officer where he was the “beneficiary” of the government contracting process. After leaving the Marine Corps, Geoff graduated from Harvard Law School and then returned to Iraq and Afghanistan, as a government contractor. During these deployments he learned the contracting process and discovered that the problems were as much commercial as they were legal, so he joined McKinsey & Company to learn more about commercial decision making, processes, and strategy. 

As Geoff was preparing to leave McKinsey, the US made the embarrassing launch of the HealthCare.gov website, which crystallized his interest in fixing the government contracting market. So in 2014, Geoff co-founded Eastern Foundry, an incubator for small government contracting companies, and then in 2016 he launched a sister company, Federal Foundry to provide federal market software and services. In 2020, Geoff initiated the release of the FedScout Mobile App as a new market sale tool offered to new vendors.

What Our Students Have to Say

FedScout Academy offers not just principles but actual, concrete steps so you can see yourself growing your business.

Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA

At first, I wasn’t sure about spending extra hours taking another course on government contracting, but now that I’ve taken it, I know exactly what I need to do to be successful in this industry.

Zasha Swan
From Australia

The course is really a workshop with practical business insights that can be applied on a daily basis. The instructor shared his know-how as an experienced GovCon vendor and clearly articulated processes a new vendor could follow for success.

Frank Jones
From Japan