Uploading your LinkedIn contacts

Do you know who you know?

  1. How strong is your network: Your relationships with leaders inside government and at established contractors are critical your success:
    1. How many people know you?
    2. How many people trust you?
    3. Do you know people in positions to help you?
      1. Do they work at a partner or customer?
      2. Do they have jobs that position them to help you?
  2. Do you know who you know: If you wrote down a list of everyone you know how complete would that list be? My guess is that your list would have 20% of the people you actually know, and if you had to write down where they work and what their roles are I suspect it would be a lot worse.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn: So instead of trying to think of all the people you know we HIGHLY recommend leveraging your contact list in LinkedIn.

Preparing your LinkedIn for Analysis

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the silver bullet for your relationship analysis. But this only works if you linkedIn is somewhat current. So if you need to to create or update your LinkedIn account follow these steps.

Create a LinkedIn account

A LinkedIn account is critical for your marketing and credibility and you need to start building your network there immediately. So if you don’t have one click the button and create an account

Update your LinkedIn Account

If you haven’t maintained your LinkedIn account we highly recommend letting LinkedIn access your email and invite everyone in your email contacts to connect. This is by far the fastest way to grow your connections

Once your account is up to date

Download a list of your connections

Click button for instructions on downloading your connections

Analyze your connections

Upload your connections and FedScout will map them

How we will use your connections data

  1. Customer and partner relationships: We will use your relationship data to identify customers and partners where you have a strong existing connections


Video Transcript(s):

Understanding and assessing the strength of your existing relationships is a critical input into the customer and partner analyses that you’ll be doing soon. And you can try to do the relationship analysis by hand, thinking about all the people you know and figuring out where they work today, but that approach is always incomplete and painful so instead we built a simple tool that takes your LinkedIn and basically creates a heat map so you can see where you already have strong clusters of relationships

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account then we highly recommend starting one now, it’s a critical customer and partner engagement tool, and if you don’t have one prospective partners and customers will question your credibility.

Similarly, if your Linkedin is out of date then we highly recommend updating it before you continue. Fortunately, LinkedIn has excellent auto-update features and we have instructions on how to use them below.

But once your LinkedIn account is current upload a file with all your connections and FedScout will heatmap your relationships and integrate that analysis into the following exercises to help you make better decisions faster.