Your Website

It’s your company storefront

  • Conveys credibility: The first reason you need a website is to convey credibility. If you meet a prospective partner or customer, and they can’t find your website they will assume you are not ready to work with
  • Communicate what you do: Your website should provide all of the information in your capability statement. At first you might just copy and paste your capability statement information into your webpage but at some point you will have more than one page of information to communicate so old projects you worked on might not make it to your one-page capability statement, but that information should go here

Creating your website

  • Domaine: The first thing you need is the web-address (your domaine)
  • Your hosting: Next you need to buy some server space where your website will live (your hosting)
  • Your content: To create a website use a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Use Square Space: We Highly recommend making your first website in Square Space. They make this whole process incredibly easy and their prices are very reasonable. The button on the right will take you so the Square Space website builder

Rants and Reflections

My unscripted thoughts after coaching hundreds of small government contractors over the last 10 years

Other resources (Individual contract checks)

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Odds are that your first contract will be as a sub to another small business, so you need to find small businesses you could work with, and start building relationships with them.

And, FedScout makes this easy. Click on the partner button below and FedScout will show you all the small businesses in your industry that have won work at one of your selected sub-agencies.

And if you’ve uploaded your linkedin connections we'll do our best to identify people you know at each small business.

And like with customers, select the companies and the people that you want to target and we’ll add them to your relationship manager.