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Understanding Solicitations (2023)

In this class we discuss the document reading process we recommend small businesses use, and if you are familiar with Shipley, or have taken other federal sales training you may notice some differences. We think that Shipley and other “Section M,L,C” based methodologies are excellent for large established government contractors that will principally prime any …

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NAICS and PSC Codes (2023)

Honestly we hate NAICS & PSC codes, they’re broken systems that create a lot of unnecessary aggravation, without producing a ton of benefit.  But if you want to work in the federal market you need to have a baseline understanding of them, because getting them wrong can really mess you up. What we are going …

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Shaping & Limiting competition

Why you want the government to limit competition Shifts the odds in your favor: The fewer people who can bid, the better your chances of winning. Make sure you don’t get boxed out: If you can’t bid, you can’t win. Be part of the solution: You can influence how the government thinks about their problems and the …

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Business Planning

Please plan before you jump in Our definition of success Our definition of failure What you’ll put in and what you’ll get out: Get going If you have questions reach out us at: