Finding money (an entrepreneurial perspective on Federal budgeting)

  • To complete a sale to the government you need three things:
    • A user who needs your product or service
    • A contracting officer who is authorized to spend the government’s money
    • Available money

Who this course is for (and not for)

  • This class probably isn’t worth your time: If you are only pursuing RFIs, RFPs, SBIRs and other published solicitations you don’t need this information, the government has taken care of all of it for you
  • This class probably is worth your time: If you want to:
    • “Create” your own RFP or otherwise help the government find money to buy your product or service
    • Identify and earmark long-term government funding

In this course we will answer two questions:

  • Can you sell today: Is there available budget for your product or service now?
  • Can you sell tomorrow: How do you ensure there is available money for your product or service next year?

What we will cover

  • Federal budgets: You need to understand a little bit about how money flows around the government to understand where you can engage
  • Colors of money: Federal budgets are divided into different pools, so you need to understand whether the available money can be used for your product or service
  • Finding expiring money: Government money can “expire” and one of the best ways to get some money is to find cash that is about to expire (the government might as well spend it on you)