NAICS and PSC Codes (2023)

Honestly we hate NAICS & PSC codes, they’re broken systems that create a lot of unnecessary aggravation, without producing a ton of benefit.  But if you want to work in the federal market you need to have a baseline understanding of them, because getting them wrong can really mess you up.

What we are going to cover:
So in this class we’re going to cover everything you need to know about NAICS & PSC codes, including using them to:
1) Find promising contracts
2) Research your market
3) Determine whether you are a Small Business
4) Influencing contracts in your favor (Shaping)
5) Contract compliance (SAM registration)
6) Be discovered by prime contractors
7) Build effective marketing materials
8) Find the right ones for you

And for those of you that want more background information we’ll also explore:
9) What are NAICS and PSC codes and how the systems are organized
10) The problem with NAICS and PSC codes

Some of the information may be hard to implement (like how to actually shape a contract using NAICS codes) but by the end of this class you’ll at least understand the concepts and we have lots of other classes on how to apply the concepts.