Set-aside contracts

Setting a contract aside blocks large businesses

  • There are roughly 800,000 registered government contracting companies
  • The vast majority of those 800K are small, so it may not seem like setting a contract aside for small business would help
  • But large businesses win a disproportionate volume of all contracts
  • So by blocking larges the government ensures that a small, who might not have been able to compete against the larges, wins

Impact of your chances of winning (in practice):

  • The competition among smalls is still intense: As a rule of thumb the government only needs 3 bidders to generate the competition they want to keep prices down
  • There are tens of thousands of small businesses with each set-aside: In every set-aside, and in every industry, there are lots of companies, so you are almost always going to be competing against someone

How a contract is set-aside

  • Before the government sets a contract aside they have to reasonably expect that two companies with that set-aside will bid on the contract. So the government will:
  • Sources sought: The government will survey the market to see if there are two companies who are likely to bid.
    • The government publishes a Sources Sought
    • Companies respond with information that demonstrates that they can do the work and that they have one or more set-asides
  • Rule of two: The government will review the responses to see if they got two responses from companies with the same set-aside. If they did the government can set the contract aside, if they don’t the government can’t

What this means for you

  • Respond: If you are interested in a contract, and there is a sources sought respond to it
    • Best case: The contract is set-aside and you have just reduced the competition and increased your chances of winning
    • Worst case: That government customers knows your name and knows that you have a set-aside

Rants and Reflections

My unscripted thoughts after coaching hundreds of small government contractors over the last 10 years

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