Need identification

Needs and solutions are different:

  • A need is almost always tied to a mission or outcome, solutions are how that need is met
  • Example: The DOD:
  • The DoD needs to keep the country safe
  • The DoD needs to have air power
  • The DoD needs to move things around the world
  • The solution is Air Power, logistics, etc
  • The solution is buying planes
  • The solution is freight services

How needs are identified:

  • Recurring: The government has lots of ongoing needs, For example, an agency might have an ongoing need for:
    • Office maintenance
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Working computer networks
    • When the government has an ongoing need they like to sign multiyear support contracts
    • If the contract is ending soon, but the need continues, the acquisitions community will identify that need
  • New needs: The government’s headline needs don’t change very often, but more tactical needs do:
    • Arms race: As the security environment changes what the DOD needs to secure national security changes
    • Changes in the tech landscape: As technology evolves the government’s needs do too
    • Political direction: As different parties come to power in congress or the White House they can have different policy positions that lead to new needs
    • Industry engagement: Well connected contracting companies are good at identifying or “creating” needs that the government didn’t know they had
  • Emergency needs: From time to time an emergency occurs and the government needs to respond:
    • Response to natural disasters
    • Response to changes in an overseas conflict
    • Response to a major cyber breach

Output of need identification

  • A clearer understanding: There does not have to be a physical output from the needs identification phase it can be as simple as a clearer understanding of:
    • The breadth and depth of the need
    • The dependencies and how the need looks for different users
  • Maybe a write up of the need: For a larger need there may be a write up of the need being addressed, background on the need, and why that need is important.
  • An editorial: In our opinion the best acquisitions focus on communicating a need and letting the vendor community figure out how to provide a solution.

Rants and Reflections

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