Login.gov & Adding Your Co to SAM (~15 min)

Before you can register your company in SAM.gov you need to create an account for yourself (on Login.gov). You will use this personal account for a lot of different federal websites and this guide and tutorials will help you navigate the process

1. Create a Login.gov Account

Go to: https://login.gov/
Note on Authentication method: Every time you log-in to a federal website (which happens a lot) you will have to authenticate yourself. In general we recommend:
1) Face or Touch Unlock: Assuming your computer supports face recognition it is the easiest
2) Authentication app or SMS code: This is our second favorite since you only need your phone
3) The other methods: The other methods require that you:
a) Keep track of USB keys, which inevitably get lost
b) Buy a government card readers which is just more stuff to keep track of
c) Keep track of a list of codes that you are going to lose.

2. Create your company’s SAM.gov account

Now that you have a personal account and can login to SAM.gov you need to:
1) Add your company to SAM
2)Demonstrate that you are connected to that company

Documents you will have to upload: To add your company you will have to upload:
1) Some evidence of your physical address (e.g. an office rental agreement or a utility bill)
2) Evidence that the company is registered with your state
3) The company’s articles of incorporation or other corporate formation documents
4) Other demonstration that the user (you) are connected to the company

It can take a couple days for the government to process these documents and they may come back with questions that you will have to answer. But once you have done this step your company will be added to SAM and you will be able to continue the registration process

3. Get your Unique Entity ID

Getting a UEID is very similar to adding your company to SAM BUT when you search for your company:
1) It should be listed
2) If you select it you will be able to create a UEID

4. What’s next

The government will send your UEID to your email. Once you have it continue to the next step in the SAM registration