SAM Step 7: Reps and Certs: Defense responses (~5 min)

35: Bidding on DoD contracts

Explanation: The DOD has some extra levels of scrutiny

36: Sea transport

Explanation: The government wants to know if the products they buy from you are transported by sea

37: Foreign labor wage determinations

Explanation: This is a weird one but basically if you are doing work overseas, and basing some of your pricing on the wages of people overseas, the government wants to know what foreign country you are using to benchmark your wage costs and make sure you aren’t baking in contingency costs

If you select Yes list the countries where you operate

38: Foreign ownership

Explanation: The DOD wants to know if a foreign government has a lot of control over you

39: Space and Satellites

Explanation: If you are involved in space or satellites the government wants to know more about you

Final Review

Financial assistance

Explanation: Do you want to pursue federal financial assistance (not contracts)

With this answer you should be done! Congrats! You should get your CAGE code over email shortly (of course if the government emails you questions be sure to answer)