The small business threshold for you

The “small business threshold” changes based on the work you are doing.  Here’s an example:
1) Accounting companies have a small business threshold of $26.5M because at $26.5 you’ve probably got around 100 employees and are a pretty big player in your market.
2) On the other hand, new home construction companies have a small business size threshold of $45M.  And this makes sense, construction companies spend a huge amount of materials so even at $45M a construction company might only employ 10-20 people and is pretty small

Small is assessed for every contract:
Because there are different size thresholds you have to assess whether you are a large or a small business for each contract you pursue.  This is an extreme example but let’s say your company does accounting, and construction, and you make $30M a year.  Well, when you are chasing accounting contracts you are a large business (since your revenue is greater than $26.5M) but you are small when you are going after construction contracts (since your revenue is less that $45M).

The different size standards:
So to figure out if your business is small under the NAICS codes you work in seel HERE