Overview of

  • Types of grants: These tend to be smaller ($150K-$1,5M) grants aimed at for-profits companies
    • NOTE: Technically not all SBIRs are grants. However, even the SBIRs that are not grants operate like grants so we will use the word “grant” here
  • Our two cents:
    • Amazing program
    • We funded a lot of FedScout with SBIRs
    • Not a bad website

Searching in

  1. Keyword: Just what it sounds like, search for SBIR’s with your keyword
  2. Agency: The government agency sponsoring this grant
  3. Phase: The SBIR program is broken up into Phase 1 and Phase 2. Typically you have to complete Phase 1 before applying for Phase 2 but there are exceptions
  4. Program: There are two flavors of SBIR
    1. SBIR: An SBIR is a grant to a for-profit company to conduct research
    2. STTR: An STTR is a grant to a for-profit company partnered with a research institution to conduct research
  5. Year: If you want to see past SBIRs you can do that

Understanding the grants on

  1. Agency: The government agency sponsoring this grant
  2. Branch: The Sub-agency sponsoring the grant
  3. Program: SBIR or STTR
  4. Phase: Phase I or II
  5. Year: The fiscal year
  6. Solicitation #: Unique identifier (should align with
  7. Topic #: Unique identifier used by the agency
  8. Release Date: The date the topic was published
  9. Open Date: The date the government will begin accepting proposals
  10. Application due date: When proposals are due. Some agencies have multiple due dates listed. This is because the government anticipates multiple solution intakes
  11. Close date: When this topic is no longer open
  12. Description: An overview of the research the government intends to fund